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01 Qisadiii Nabi Adam CSW 1 MP3
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06 Qisadii Nabi Ciisaa CSW Dil Kifli MP3
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06 Qisadii Nabi Ibraahiim 2 MP3
06 Qisadii Nabi Ibraahiim 3 MP3
06 Qisadii Nabi Saalix CSW 2 MP3
06 Qisadii Nabi Saalix CSW 1 MP3
06 Qisadii Nabi Huud CSW MP3
06 Qisadii Nabi Nuux 2 MP3
06 Qisatu Nabi Nuux MP3
06 Qisatu Suleeymaan 2 MP3
07 Qisada Nabi Khadir CSW MP3
08 Qisada Nabi Zakariya iyo Yaxya CSW MP3
05 Qisatu_Huud-csw
00 Qisatu_Ibraahiim-csw_1
07 Qisatu_Ibraahiim-csw_2
08 Qisatu_Ibraahiim-csw_3
10 Qisatu_Ismaaciil-csw_2
11 Qisatu_Luudh-ibnu_haaraana-csw_1
12 Qisatu_Luudh-csw_2
13 Qisatu_Muusaa-csw_1
14 Qisatu_Muusaa-csw_2
15 Qisatu_Muusaa-csw_3
16 Qisatu_Muusaa-csw_4
17 Qisatu_Muusaa-csw_5
18 Qisatu_Muusaa-csw_6
19 Qisatu_Muusaa-csw_7
20 Qisatu_Yuusuf-csw_1
21 Qisatu_Yuusuf-csw_2
22 Qisatu_Yuusuf-csw_3
23 Qisatu_Yuusuf-csw_4
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