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Kitaabka Usuulu Thalaatha
Tafsiirka Sh, M Maclim

world Cap Fifaa 2014
world Cap Fifaa 2014
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Tafsiirka Quraanka Sheekh Max`ed Macalim
Al-Xamdulilaah Qeybta 2-aad Tafsiirka Quraanka Kariimka ah ee Sheekh Maxamed Macalim RXM. Waanu soo Dhameeystirnay Wuxuuna Ka Koobanyahay Suuratul Al-kahfi Ilaa Suratu Al-naas.

001 Suratul Al-Kahfi Mp3 Mp3
002 Suratul Al-Kahfi Mp3 Mp3
003 Suratul Al-Kahfi Mp3 Mp3
004 Suratul Al-Kahfi -Maryama Mp3 Mp3
005 Suratul Maryama Mp3 Mp3
006 Suratul Maryama-Dhaahaa Mp3 Mp3
007 Suratul Dhaahaa Mp3 Mp3
008 Suratul Dhaahaa Mp3 Mp3
009 Suratul Dhaahaa- Al-anbiyaa Mp3 Mp3
010 Suratul Al-anbiyaa Mp3 Mp3
011 Suratul Al-Xaj Mp3 Mp3
012 Suratul Al-Xaj Mp3 Mp3
013 Suratul Al-Xaj-Al-Mu`Minuun Mp3 Mp3
014 Suratul Al-Mu`Minuun Mp3 Mp3
015 Suratul Al Xaj-Al muminuun Mp3
016 Suratul Al-Mu`Minuun- Anuur Mp3 Mp3
017 Suratul Anuur Mp3 Mp3
018 Suratul Anuur Mp3 Mp3
019 Suratul Anuur Mp3 Mp3
020 Suratul Anuur- Al-Furqaan Mp3 Mp3
021 Suuratu Al-furqaan Mp3 Mp3
022 Suuratu Al-furqaan- Shucara Mp3 Mp3
023 Suratul Shucaraa Mp3 Mp3
024 Suratu Shucara -Anamal Mp3 Mp3
025 Suuratul Anamal Mp3 Mp3
026 Suratul Anamal mp3 Mp3
027 Suurada Anamal- Al- Qasas Mp3 Mp3
028 Suurada Ruum Mp3 Mp3
029 Surada Ruum- Luqmaan Mp3 Mp3
030 Suurada Luqmaan Mp3 Mp3
031 Surada Sajda Mp3 Mp3
032 Surada Al-axZaab Mp3 Mp3
033 Surada Al-axZaab Mp3 Mp3
034 Surada Al-axZaab Mp3 Mp3
035 Surada Al-axZaab -Saba Mp3 Mp3
037 Surada Saba Mp3 Mp3
037 Surada Saba Mp3 Mp3
038 Surada Faadhir Mp3 Mp3
039 Surada Faadhir/Yasiin Mp3 Mp3
040 Surada Yaasiin Mp3 Mp3
041 Surada Yaasiin Mp3 Mp3
042 Surada Yaasiin/Alsaafaad Mp3 Mp3
043 Surada Al Saafaad Mp3 Mp3
044 Surada Al Saafaad Mp3 Mp3
045 Surada Alsaafaad/ Saad Mp3 Mp3
046 Surada Saad Mp3 Mp3
047 Surada Saad/Zumar Mp3 Mp3
048 Surada ZumarMp3 Mp3
049 Surada Zumar Mp3 Mp3
050 Surada Zumar/Qaafir Mp3 Mp3
051 Surada Qaafir Mp3 Mp3
052 Surada Qaafir Mp3 Mp3
053 Surada Qaafir/Fusilat Mp3 Mp3
054 Surada Fusilat Mp3 Mp3
055 Surada Fusilat/Shuuraa Mp3 Mp3
056 Surada Shuuraa Mp3 Mp3
057 Surada Shuuraa/ Zukhruf Mp3 Mp3
058 Surada Zukhruf Mp3 Mp3
059 Surada Zukhruf / Dukhaan Mp3 Mp3
060 Link Surada Dukhaan / JaathiyaMp3 Mp3
061 Surada Jaathiyah Mp3 Mp3
062 Surada Axqaaf/ Muxamed Mp3 Mp3
063 Surada Muxamed Mp3 Mp3
064 Surada Shuuraa/ Muxamed / Fatxi Mp3 Mp3
065 Surada Fatxi Mp3 Mp3
066 Surada Fatxi / al xujuraat Mp3 Mp3
067 Surada Xujuraat / Qaaf Mp3 Mp3
068 Surada Qaaf / Daariyaat Mp3 Mp3
069 Surada Daariyaat / Dhuur Mp3 Mp3
070 Surada Dhuur / Najmi Mp3 Mp3
071 Surada Najmi Mp3 Mp3
072 Surada Najmi / Qamar Mp3 Mp3
073 Surada Qamar /Qaxmaan Mp3 Mp3
074 Surada Raxmaan / Waaqica Mp3 Mp3
075 Surada Waaqica / Xadiid Mp3 Mp3
076 Surada Xadiid / Mujaada Mp3 Mp3
077 Surada Mujaadala / Xashri Mp3 Mp3
078 Surada Xashri Mp3 Mp3
079 Surada Xashri / Mumtaxinah Mp3 Mp3
080 Surada Mumtaxina / Munaafiquun Mp3 Mp3
081 Surada Munaafiquun / Dalaaq Mp3 Mp3
082 Surada Dhalaaq / Taxriim Mp3 Mp3
083 Surada Taxriim / Mulki Mp3 Mp3
084 Surada Mulki / Qalam Mp3 Mp3
085 Surada Qalam / Mucaarij Mp3 Mp3
086 Surada Mucaarij / Nuur Mp3 Mp3
087 Surada Nuur / Jini Mp3 Mp3
088 Surada Muzamil/ Mudathir Mp3 Mp3
089 Surada Mudathir / Qiyaamah Mp3 Mp3
090 Surada Qiyaamaj / Insaan Mp3 Mp3
091 Surada Insaan / Nabah Mp3 Mp3
092 Surada Nabah / Naazicaat Mp3 Mp3
093 Surada Naazicaat / Cabasa Mp3 Mp3
094 Surada Cabasa / Mudhafifiin Mp3 Mp3
095 Surada Mudhafifiin / Buruuj Mp3 Mp3
096 Surada Buruuj / Khaashiyah Mp3 Mp3
097 Surada Khaashiyah / Fajri Mp3 Mp3
098 Surada Fajri / Leyli Mp3 Mp3
099 Surada Dukhaan / Tiin Mp3 Mp3
100 Surada Tiin / Qadri Mp3 Mp3
101 Surada Qadri / Qaaricah Mp3 Mp3
102 Surada Qaaricah /Humaza Mp3 Mp3
103 Surada Fiil / Kaafiruun Mp3 Mp3
104 Surada Nasi / Al- Naas Mp3 Mp3
105 Dhamaad .Mp3 Mp3
106 Dhamaad .Mp3 Mp3
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